BABY MAKER - Now available on the website and at The Blue Victorian Winery

La Salette, the luxury flagship and pride of the Vezér family winery in Suisun Valley California has been accused of many things. Some admirable, some nefarious...



One night as Frank Vezer was sharing some of the family's wine with close friends and musicians, a friend of Frank‘s raised his glass as he surveyed the room full of his compatriots. His eyes welled with tears as he started to speak, "Frank, I owe you and your family the deepest debt of gratitude." 


Taken aback by the suddenly serious tone, Frank simply asked, "Why?"


"Frank, if it wasn’t for this bottle of wine and how good it tasted I would not have my son today."


A sigh of relief and Frank's trademark laughter filled the room!


After many glasses of wine, hours of great music and copious amounts of laughter, the name, "Baby Maker" was born!


Frank wondered after 6000 years since Adam and Eve, why has no one ever trademarked "Baby Maker"? Today you have the answer!


Enjoy life. Love your friends and family. Please drink responsibly, and be aware that the Vezér family will not be held responsible or liable in anyway, for anything and most importantly, anyone that may come from a night of enjoying an exquisite bottle of wine with someone you love.”