Vezer Family Vineyard Joins a Now Patriarch of Falcon Crest of Yesterday

Mr. Lorenzo Lamas joins Vezer Family Vineyard Aka “VEZÉR CREST” Winery as: President of Wine Marketing and Business Development. Lorenzo is going back to his Wine Country roots, and once again pioneering a New endeavor with a long wine history in Suisun Valley. As many of you know, Lorenzo Lamas is a world-renowned Actor and was a star of the television series “Falcon Crest”. “Falcon Crest” a 1980’s television prime time series, which rivaled other cultural shaping television shows at the time such as “Dallas” & “Dynasty”.

Falcon Crest played for over 9 years in over 200 lands and was instrumental in creating the recognition and prestige that Napa and the California Wine Industry receives today. In addition to his many other movies and television projects, he is also an accomplished helicopter pilot and trainer, racecar driver, and most importantly an avid admirer of California Wines.

Mr. Lamas will be working along side Laura Livadas, Vezer’s President of Operations and Sam Mizarawi Corporate President. Mr. Lamas will be overseeing our National Brand & Wine Marketing as he works with Mr. Jeff Fiest the gentleman who helped to put “Belvedere vodka” on the map. This special project will be the release of a new national wine label (to be unveiled in 2019).

I spent a little time with Mr. Lamas over a few days to reach into his thoughts on returning to Wine Country, more specifically Suisun Valley the “Petite Sirah Capital of the World” after all these years.

1) Q. Lorenzo, why after such a long time away from Northern California Wine Country have you decided to come back to your Wine Roots?

A. As an invited guest of Frank Vezer to his Chieftain ball this fall, I was immediately taken back to memories of being in Wine Country during my nine seasons on Falcon Crest. I really feel that Suisun Valley has a very special place in my heart.

2) Q. I understand as a kid and long before you became a star on the television series

Falcon Crest, you had a special connection to a famous winery in France, what was that exactly, and how did that inspire you further?

A. During my formative years, my mother Arlene Dahl, a world-famous actress and author was married to ‘The pope of wine’. His name was Alexis Lichine and he owed two wineries in Margaux. One was Chateau Lascombes and the other was Prieure-Lichine. I would spend the summers with my family there, watching production and marveling at the stainless vats and barrels of oak made by hand and stacked in giant rows.

3) Q. Why did you choose Suisun Valley over Napa, and why take on such a serious and

lead roll in joining the Vezer Family Vineyard as their President of Business Development?

A. I feel that the Suisun Valley is a special appellation, and Vezer’s Wines are perfectly poised to capture the essence of this region and introduce more people to the growing appreciation of this incredible product. Suisun Valley has an incredible winemaking history behind her as well, boasting the largest winery in the country before Prohibition.

4) Q. In your opinion how does Suisun Valley today and Napa of 30 years ago compare?

A. I feel the Napa Valley has grown at such an incredible rate that there is a need to branch out locally and highlight the incredible potential of grapes from the Suisun Valley truly a “Hidden Gem”.

5) Q. I understand Suisun Valley has a significant unique standing amongst the elite of California’s wine appellations.

A. Yes, Suisun Valley can boast as having produced the best of the Petite Sirah wines in the world. Many people don’t know this, but Suisun Valley is the second oldest AVA in California, second only to Napa. According to experts Suisun Valley has a very similar climate and soils to the famous Rutherford AVA in Napa County. Thus, many of the very elite in Napa have either already bought vineyards and or opened wineries in Suisun Valley such as; Caymus, Stags Leap, Gina Gallo and many others.

6) Q. Tell us what you are looking to accomplish by coming back to the wine industry?

A. I think I can distill all my experience from the South of France to the wineries of the Napa Valley to bring a fresh appreciation and excitement to a growing industry and hopefully put Vezer Family Vineyard wines on everyone’s dinner table.

7) Q. What can you tell us about the famous Petite Sirah Luxury blend called the La


A. I can tell you that the Vezer’s La Salette has 65% Petite Sirah and 35% Zinfandel
in the blend. This creates a unique wine, a blend that I have never experience in all my years of enjoying wine, it’s now my favorite wine.

8) Q. I hear you and Frank Vezer have some other things in common besides delicious

red wines.?... Maybe.... FAST cars!

A. Frank and I both share a passion for sports cars and I look forward to some “arrive
and drive” events with him soon. The roads up here in Suisun Valley are perfectly suited for the spirited driver. What better way to get to a tasting at Vezer Family Vineyard?

9) Q. I understand there is a special project you are heading up and working on with Jeff Fiest (Vezer’s National Sales Manager). Jeff is known in the industry of wine and spirits as the man who helped to put “Belvedere Vodka” on the map. I hear this a fun wine, a bit of a break from Vezér’s Luxury Brand Wines. You are labeling this to be more widely distributed, calling it a sort of; “working Man’s Screaming Eagle” (a famous Napa wine back in early 2006-12 called “Screaming Eagle” known to sell for over $3,000/bottle). What will this fun Brand be Called? ... “Baby Maker”.

A. Jeff Fiest and I are looking forward to working together on this fun and interesting brand of the Vezer Family Vineyard. He brings the branding expertise and I bring the enthusiasm!

10) Q. What do your famous friends & family think of you going back to your Falcon Crest Days?

A. My mother Arlene Dahl and her husband Marc Rosen said to me, “It’s about time you got back to your falcon crest days.”. She was so happy for me that I am working with a quality family owned vineyard.

11) Q. Have you figured out a way of joining your two passions Helicopters and Wine, any possible helicopter tours of the Vezer Estate?

A. I am always open to helicopter rides or exotic car rentals to the Vezer Family Vineyard. I think destination trips would be a great avenue to expose the Winery to the greater public. We always promote for our customers to drive safe and responsibility after consuming alcohol.

12) Q. What are the similarities you see with, what you all jokingly call Vezér (Crest) and the Television Series Falcon Crest that made you a star? Some I understand are quite eerily coincidental?

A. I can see the similarities between Falcon Crest and Vezer Family Vineyard in a few ways. One is the beautiful Blue Victorian Label showing the historical victorian which is very similar to the Falcon Crest home. The Second is how Frank Vezer shows his deep pride in all he does when producing amazing wines from his small family owned business which was coincidental to Jane on Falcon Crest.

13) Q. Lorenzo Frank has shared with me that he feels very honored and akin to you working with him and the family. He also said that after getting to know you a lot better it has become obvious to him and others around you, that your best theatrical works are yet ahead of you. What do you have to say about that?

A. It’s very kind of Frank to say that, I am moved that he is even thinking about my

acting career. As an actor, we go through peaks and valleys sometimes you need to step away in order to garner the interest again. the business I have enjoyed tremendous opportunities throughout the years. You never know what the future brings but one thing is for sure I always put my best foot forward and right now it is with Vezer Family Vineyard.

14) Q. Lorenzo anything you would like to add or to say to all your fans?

A. To the folks who have watched me over the years, I want to thank them all for being in my life and sending me wonderful messages of support for the hopes of me returning. And in the meantime, I look forward to bringing Vezer Family Vineyard wines to everyone home.